Managing the Media - Coaching from experts

Managing the Media is a personal training course in how to give successful media interviews presented by leading media professionals.                                                 Read more >>>

                          "Facing the media, giving interviews, can be daunting.
                           It can also be highly profitable for your company and 
                           can be made fun - once you know the secret."

Let us teach you the secrets of media management - we will turn your own office into your personal media college for our acclaimed one-day personal training course in presentation training and in how to manage the press effectively. Media Management Training courses have been chosen by hundreds of UK executives over fifteen years.            Read more >>>

Richard Milton has been a writer, journalist and broadcaster for more than twenty years and has presented media training courses to hundreds of top UK executives. Jacqui Green is a media professional who has headed her own PR agency for 20 years.                                                                                                           Read more >>>

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